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Anti reflection glass
Mobile phone AG- detailed, nano AG glass and other glass contrast effect
Mobile phone AG- detailed, nano AG glass and other glass contrast effect
Full length nano AG glass with no obvious reflection;
Other glass, with obvious reflection;
Mobile phone AG glass -- anti glare cover plate
Mobile phone AG glass -- anti glare cover plate
At present, the mobile phone generally uses the mirror screen, it will appear like the mirror reflection, reflection, eyes should play a greater regulatory force. The mobile phone AG glass will reduce the reflectivity from 8% to 1%, reduce the emission of light stimulation of the eye, relieve eye muscle fatigue, blurred vision and other symptoms! Effectively alleviate the photochemical damage caused by high energy short wave blue light and ultraviolet light to the retina, slowing eye aging.
Computer screen AG
Computer screen AG
The health of people's eyes is directly related to the light emitted by the screen. Etching AG glass can reduce the reflection ratio of visible light to less than 1%, reduce the possibility of glare by surface diffuse reflection, make the image clearer, and effectively protect the eyes. Electronic products so the etching of AG glass can reduce the interference of environmental light, improve the brightness and visual angle of the display screen, reduce reflective screen, enhance the visual effect of the picture, digital, make the image more realistic! Do not have to use the surface of the screen, an additional layer of protection can reduce glare, maximize the image contrast contrast and sharpness.
Detailed Sansa AG glass applied to mobile phones, computers and other scenes


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