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Vehicle borne AG- nano AG glass
Technology brings the car is the direction of electrification and intelligence continues to extend, vehicle display products increased significantly, vehicle display has gradually become the global small and medium-sized panel demand growth of one of the three categories. The traditional automobile mechanical instrument has only a small amount of information output, the function is simple and has the information display. With the automobile information and intelligence, designers will continue to integrate the original scattered information display, thus spawned a large screen interactive touch demand. Technically speaking, large size, high specification liquid crystal products appear in a large number of cars.
Human computer interaction of vehicle mounted AG- vehicle enhanced display scene
Human computer interaction of vehicle mounted AG- vehicle enhanced display scene
The development trend of vehicle display is to strengthen the human-computer interaction of scene, and requires innovation in the input of information and feedback of information. The input mode should be more intelligent and diversified. From touch to voice, to gesture, or even a look, the increase in interaction will greatly enhance the driving experience, while the driver's attention will focus on the road, improve traffic safety.
Full application of Sansa AG glass in automobile, yacht and other scenes

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